How to make more time in your day

Do you struggle to fit everything into your working day?

Most Project Managers find it hard to get all their tasks done each day, but you can get more out of your working hours by working smartly. Here’s how to do it…

How to make more time in your day

#1: Use templates
Templates are documents or files that you can use time and time again. Don’t create a new Project Charter for every project, for example. Use a template and simply fill in the relevant bits for this project. You’ll save time because you won’t have to set up titles, headers or footers or any other style elements.

You can also use templates for creating schedules, task lists, reports and anything else that you use on your project. Don’t just limit yourself to documents!

#2: Use time sheets
The key to getting more done is understanding what you currently do with your time. Time sheets will show you what you have actually been working on, so you can assess how your time is being spent. You might, for example, find that you spend too long in meetings each week, or working on a particular element of project management like budgeting. Using timesheet software will help you keep track of where your time is going.

Once you have completed time sheets for a couple of weeks you will be able to see where you are wasting time in the day. You can also decide if there is anything you could delegate to another team member as a learning opportunity.

#3: Take breaks
It might seem counter-intuitive, but it really will help you get more done if you schedule some breaks into your day. Breaks help refresh your brain and your body, which means you come back to your desk feeling more motivated and capable of completing your tasks. Go for a walk, talk to a colleague or simply get a cup of coffee. Anything that gives your eyes a rest from the screen and your mind a change of scene will do.

#4: Use dashboards
Dashboards are visual representations of project progress and they are a great way to see the big picture status of your project. You won’t have to review every element of the project to get a status update as you’ll be able to see it all at a glance.

Dashboards are also great to share with your stakeholders. They will save you time producing bespoke reports month after month as instead, your project sponsor and anyone else who is interested can simply log on and see the status for themselves in real-time.

#5: Store your files online
Project managers and their teams spend a great deal of time looking for important project files. You can save time if you set up an online filing system that will structure your files for you and keep them secure. Then you’ll always know where the latest copy of a document is kept, and you won’t waste time hunting for it when you need it. This will also help your project team save time!

Of course, you don’t need to spend your extra hours on project work! Why not use some of it to study for a professional qualification, or to catch up with a good book, or to just get home earlier and spend more time with your family?

Use the professional time sheet features in to track your time and work out where you could be spending it differently.

You can also store documents securely online, create tailored dashboards, store templates and produce reports with just a few clicks—all great ways to get a bit of time back during your working day. Give it a free try now.

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