SharePoint Password Change

SharePoint Password Change contains two Web Parts: SharePoint Password Change Web Part and SharePoint Password Expire Warning Web Part.

You can change your own password on Password Change page or Password Change Web Part. To enter Password Change page, you can click the “Change password” link on SharePoint Welcome menu.

 SharePoint Password Change allows users change their passwords from the welcome page without help from administrators

You can also change password by adding SharePoint change password Web Part on a page. When you enter this page, Password Change Web Part will automatically detect your domain and name. After you have set your password, Password Change Web Part will verify the new password and save the change. If current password is incorrect or does not meet password policy, you will receive a piece of error message.

Users can reset SharePoint passwords directly without administrator intervention

Password Expire Warning Web Part can notify users to change password and provide users a URL to go to the password change page. You can configure the URL and decide how many days before expiration date should it notify users. When you have access to the page on which Password Expire Warning Web Part is configured, the Web Part will automatically identify your domain, user name and user account expiration date. If your password expires, the notification and URL will display.

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