SharePoint Designer Backup and Restore

To backup:
  1. Open the site with SharePoint Designer
  2. Select Menu “Site” –> “Administration” –> Backup web site
  3. You can select to backup also the subsites
  4. Select where to save the backup file and write file name 

To restore:
  1. You have to have the created blank site (in the same language)
  2. Open the blank site with SharePoint Designer
  3. Select Menu “Site” –> “Administration” –> “Restore web site”
  4. Browse the file from your local computer
  5. After backup is made you can delete SharePoint’s temp file on site 

1. Easy backup, keeps meta data (like “Created” and “Modified” dates, “Created by” and “Modified by”) – Even if restoring to different sites. Can migrate between different sub-versions of same WSS 3.
2. You don’t need access to the server, just administrative rights on the site.

1. A BIG con is that you can make a backup of the sites that have under 25 MB. Looks like this is a bug in SharePoint designer and I hope it will be fixed soon. If you are backing up a site with over 25 MB you will encounter a problem “Cannot find ….. exportsettings.xml”. There is a workaround to this (I’ll post that in one of my later posts).
2. It doesn’t keep any custom data-views created with SharePoint Designer. After you restore and if you have any data-view-web-parts that you’ve created with SPD and are not working – you have to fix them. Read how to fix them here.

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