Customize the Content Query Web Part by using Custom Properties


Requests additional fields, which is necessary because the Content Query Web Part does not return all fields for all items automatically. You must request fields to render in an XSLT transformation.

This property is additive, meaning that you can add more than one CommonViewField to a Content Query Web Part and extend its base properties, such as FieldDescription and FieldTitle.


Bypasses limits to query behavior imposed by the Content Query Web Part UI. Makes it possible to specify the query portion of a cross-list query in CAML.

When the QueryOverride property is set, the UI for filtering, sorting, and grouping appears dimmed in the tool pane. For example, by default the Content Query Web Part allows three filters, and you might want to add more and ensure that the customized fields and behavior persists in the UI.


Determines whether the cross-list query should recurse subsites. By default, Office SharePoint Server 2007 recurses subsites, meaning that the parent site and its child sites are displayed.

When the WebsOverride property is set, the Content Query Web Part does not recurse, and displays results from only the specified site.


Overrides the list behavior in Office SharePoint Server 2007, and supports several types of lists, such as Page Libraries, the General List base type, and specific list types. You can use this custom property to set any list type, even those not enumerated in the UI because the template is not defined at the root or is a base type.

List types are defined in the List element reference topic in the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK.


Gives the Content Query Web Part the ability to request a set of fields from the query that you specify, instead of making the automatic request in Office SharePoint Server 2007 for the base fields.

Gives the Content Query Web Part the ability to rename columns before the data is passed to the XSLT transformation for rendering.


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